Welcome to JP by Jennie!

Crocheting for conservation, one stitch at a time.

I love nature. Being out in it, learning about it, and encouraging other to be in it too. Ever since I was little I would usually be found outside either in the front yard sitting on my giant boulder of a rock, pretending to be an adventuresome pirate, sailing the seas and making discoveries. Or I’d be out back on the swing-set, racing through the jungle evading the big cats on the hunt. As I grew up, this love for animals and nature developed into a career. I am now an environmental educator at an aquarium in New Jersey. I work with children of all ages to bring them unique experiences and share my passion for science and nature with them.

Recently, I re-learned how to crochet and got invested in all things yarn. Wanting to make an even greater impact on behalf of the environment, I began tinkering with the idea of crocheting something to raise money for conservation. Thus, my sea creature collection was born. Starting with a queen size sea turtle beach scene blanket for my own bed, I have slowly developed the line to include , sea turtles, sea stars, jellies, and fish scenes. Most of my work is comprised of vibrantly cute baby blankets, with the occasional custom order on the side.

As a result, my hobby has turned into a side hustle. My finished blankets can be found for sale on eBay (seller: JPbyJennie). My work in progress, as well as other crochet experiments, can be found on Instagram and Pinterest.

I will continue to expand my collection, making new and exciting blankets available. To stay true to my original intent, part of the proceeds from each one will be donated to an environmental conservation organization.  Currently, donations are being made to the Nature Conservancy. To continue my work as an educator, information about the animals/scenes depicted on each blanket will be included in each sale. Through these blankets and all my future creations, I hope to inspire a love of nature and desire to protect the environment.